Solmukohta Ahoy

After my stop in Denmark for Fastaval, I headed to Helsinki to participate in Solmukohta, the Finnish installation of the Knutepunkt conference that rotates its way around the Nordic capitals, Continue Reading →

One-Shot Larps v. Campaigns

Do you prefer one-shot or campaign larps? The experts weigh in on what they like and why.

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How To Develop Your Character In Game

So, you’ve created a character and rolled up to your local larp: what then? Experts from the U.S. and beyond talk about how to create a satisfying character arc.

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Link Love: Larp Magazines

A thrilling compendium of larp magazines the world over. By which I mean live European magazines, and dead American ones.

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How To Create A Fun Larp Character

The experts guide you through the sticky wicket of character creation in this first-timers guide.

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Advice For First-Time Larp Scholars

If you’re writing about larp, Finnish game researchers are your new best friend. Oh, and you do know other people have written about roleplay, right? A first-timers’ guide.

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