Larp TV: Nordic Larp Talks

If you haven’t seen the Nordic Larp Talks, you should. Built around the TED Talk model of short, accessible speeches on innovation, this series of lectures on larp delves deep into the hobby from a philosophical and practical angle. The series began in 2010 and is now entering its third year.

I highly recommend visiting the Nordic Larp Talks site to watch other speeches which tackle issues like educational larp, playing horror, gender in larp and more.

To whet your appetite, here’s an introductory talk given by Swedish journalist Johanna Koljonen in 2011 in Copenhagen.

One thought on “Larp TV: Nordic Larp Talks

  1. The flaw is this well-written speech is that it still refers to larps are games. It explained they are historical reasons for the use of that term and also explains why they do not fulfill the criteria of games. Despite this, it still insists on using that term.

    Personally I’m actively trying to get out of the habit of referring to larps as ‘games,’ since as it says here they are not.