New in Larp: October 7, 2013

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been able to post so much on the blog lately. This is because I’ve had one of the busiest summers and falls of Continue Reading →

New in Larp: September 10, 2012

The newest in larp, from doctoral dissertations on BDSM to deconstructions of the “gamer wife” trope to a sweet sweet smackdown of the dude who posted that inane thing about booth babes on CNN.

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New in Larp: July 22, 2012

New in larp: The Norwegians organize a larpwriter summer school in Lithuania; Annika Waern wonders whether stories emerge out of video games in the dope-est blog entry I’ve read in a long time, and Leaving Mundania ends up in The Daily Beast and Washington Post!

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Leaving the Larp Closet

Come out of the larp closet in three easy steps: explain it to non-gamers using analogy, own it and forget about the haters, documentation doesn’t hurt. Advice from seasoned gamers.

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Why They Larp

Why on earth do people larp? Lots of reasons. Hear them from the giant, animatronic horses’ mouths.

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Larp Likes and Dislikes

The experts risk potential hate mail by describing which types of games they find unappealing.

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One-Shot Larps v. Campaigns

Do you prefer one-shot or campaign larps? The experts weigh in on what they like and why.

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