The Fez of Larp is crucially important for thinking.

The Fez of Larp is crucially important to thinking, drinking, and um…winking?


Hi, I’m Lizzie Stark–journalist, author, and person. This is where I come to don the Fez of Larp, throw back a couple mocktails, and contemplate the eternal Platonic awesomeness of tossing on a costume and pretending to be someone else for a while.

I first started exploring larp in 2008, when I began reporting for my narrative nonfiction book Leaving Mundania, which examined larp in the US and Nordic countries. Then, I got hooked. Now I design games, report and blog about larp, and even organize events.

I usually post here a couple times a month, thanks to the moral and fiscal support of my wonderful Patreon contributors.

Would you like to write a guest post for Leaving Mundania? Pitch me at Lizzie.Stark@gmail.com. I accept game reports, theory musings, rants, and more. If you write for me, you will receive extensive editing from yours truly, along with half the Patreon fee I receive for my blog.