New in Larp: July 22, 2012

New in larp: The Norwegians organize a larpwriter summer school in Lithuania; Annika Waern wonders whether stories emerge out of video games in the dope-est blog entry I’ve read in a long time, and Leaving Mundania ends up in The Daily Beast and Washington Post!

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Leaving the Larp Closet

Come out of the larp closet in three easy steps: explain it to non-gamers using analogy, own it and forget about the haters, documentation doesn’t hurt. Advice from seasoned gamers.

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Solmukohta Ahoy

After my stop in Denmark for Fastaval, I headed to Helsinki to participate in Solmukohta, the Finnish installation of the Knutepunkt conference that rotates its way around the Nordic capitals, Continue Reading →


The first stop on my crazy Nordic tour was Fastaval, a convention devoted to board-gaming, larps, and freeform games. What are freeform games, you ask? No one knows for sure. Continue Reading →

Why They Larp

Why on earth do people larp? Lots of reasons. Hear them from the giant, animatronic horses’ mouths.

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One-Shot Larps v. Campaigns

Do you prefer one-shot or campaign larps? The experts weigh in on what they like and why.

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When to Retire Your Character

You’ve got to know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em. Tips from experts on how to know when it’s time to retire your character.

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How To Develop Your Character In Game

So, you’ve created a character and rolled up to your local larp: what then? Experts from the U.S. and beyond talk about how to create a satisfying character arc.

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How To Find the Right Game

Tips on how to find the right larp for you.

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