New in Larp: October 7, 2013

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been able to post so much on the blog lately. This is because I’ve had one of the busiest summers and falls of Continue Reading →

How to Cast a Freeform Game

Casting a freeform game isn’t easy. All a game master can rely on is her acute social observation and her secret bag of Jedi mind tricks. Why the aggressive dude should play the femme fatale, and other tips from experienced GMs.

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How to Cut a Freeform Game

Cutting freeform games isn’t easy. In this first post from my new series on freeform, experienced GMs give advice on cutting short, cutting to enhance mood, and more.

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The first stop on my crazy Nordic tour was Fastaval, a convention devoted to board-gaming, larps, and freeform games. What are freeform games, you ask? No one knows for sure. Continue Reading →

How To Develop Your Character In Game

So, you’ve created a character and rolled up to your local larp: what then? Experts from the U.S. and beyond talk about how to create a satisfying character arc.

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