New in Larp: June 25, 2013

The larp world in the US and beyond is exploding with awesome art-larpy goodness. Here’s a massive list of all the new cons, larps, and thought pieces you’ve just got to check out.

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Trampled By the Herd: Mimes and Larp Safety

This year’s Knutebooks — the books of larp theory put out each year by the pan-Nordic convention Knutebook — are out and available for free download here. Edited by Karete Jacobsen Continue Reading →

My Knutepunkt 2013

All the best stuff I experienced at Knutepunkt 2013, from rituals to shocking revelations about US larpers, to black box larp as a new medium. Plus, I pick a team to back in the Nordic thunderdome.

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A Week in Norway Recap

During the “A Week in Norway” run-up to the Knutepunkt convention, I learned methods for improvising rituals, collaborating on larp scripts, played innovative games, and got my larp theory on. IN A REAL ANTIQUE TRAM CAR!

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How to Cast a Freeform Game

Casting a freeform game isn’t easy. All a game master can rely on is her acute social observation and her secret bag of Jedi mind tricks. Why the aggressive dude should play the femme fatale, and other tips from experienced GMs.

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