Getting Larpy at IndieCade 2016

I spent this past weekend in Los Angeles at IndieCade 2016, a festival for independent games. IndieCade is many things—a hub for independent digital developers, a Sundance-style festival of indie games Continue Reading →

New in Larp: American Freeform and more

The American Freeform Bundle drops. Is edu-larp going to the White House? The D&D Campaign swapping dice for yoga and more!

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New in Larp: September 24, 2012

What’s new in larp? As usual, the world’s gaming enthusiasts have been busy podcasting, theorizing, and filming themselves for your pleasure. Here’s what I’ve been enjoying: Paul Graham Raven has the Continue Reading →

New in Larp: September 10, 2012

The newest in larp, from doctoral dissertations on BDSM to deconstructions of the “gamer wife” trope to a sweet sweet smackdown of the dude who posted that inane thing about booth babes on CNN.

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