Pocket Guide to American Freeform Launches


Today my e-book monograph Pocket Guide to American Freeform launches! First created for the American freeform Bundle of Holding, this guide takes you through the history of the format, as well as offering instructions for how to play, write, and run games in the style quickly and safely.

The book contains an adaptation of several posts on workshops and debriefs from this blog, plus new material on the history of American freeform, safety in roleplaying games, and a guide for players and designers.

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It’s available for $9.50 from online retailers such as Scribd and Smashwords, as well as Amazon and other online retailers.


Advance praise for Pocket Guide to American Freeform:

“If you are new to freeform roleplaying, the Pocket Guide to American Freeform is really useful. If you are a grizzled veteran who knows everything, it is a necessity.”-Jason Morningstar, creator of Fiasco, Bully Pulpit Games

“Lizzie Stark is a uniquely important figure in the LARP community, bringing Nordic design know-how to the American gaming experience. In this book, she shares her key findings from the experimental side of the American larp scene as well as the critical components to designing these kinds of games. If you’re a roleplayer looking to make the leap into less linear, more potent, and more original work, the Pocket Guide to American Freeform is the first book you should read.”–Nick Fortugno, Playmatics

“I’m a newcomer to larp and larp design,but I’m already finding Lizzie Stark’s Pocket Guide an essential go-to. Whenever I have a question, it seems like she’s already answered it for me.”
Vincent Baker, Lumpley Games.

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