Bringing Games Across International Borders

This past weekend, I hung out with US designer Emily Care Boss and Danish designer Asbjørn Olsen. Asbjørn and Emily had run his excellent short poetic freeform Exile earlier in the weekend (I was Continue Reading →

New in Larp: American Freeform and more

The American Freeform Bundle drops. Is edu-larp going to the White House? The D&D Campaign swapping dice for yoga and more!

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New in Larp: June 25, 2013

The larp world in the US and beyond is exploding with awesome art-larpy goodness. Here’s a massive list of all the new cons, larps, and thought pieces you’ve just got to check out.

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New in Larp: September 10, 2012

The newest in larp, from doctoral dissertations on BDSM to deconstructions of the “gamer wife” trope to a sweet sweet smackdown of the dude who posted that inane thing about booth babes on CNN.

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