New in Larp: October 7, 2013

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been able to post so much on the blog lately. This is because I’ve had one of the busiest summers and falls of my life. In addition to visiting several conventions this summer–such as Gen Con, where I did some guest of honor duties, I also spent six weeks at an artists’ colony, edited two books, and began work on three freeform games as well as working on my main project, the book PANDORA’S DNA, which is very nearly due. I will be back to blogging in due course, as soon as the manuscript is in.

In the meantime, here are a things that are rocking my larp world right now.

This year, I’m lucky enough that I’m getting to visit Nordica a second time. At the end of October I head to Grenselandet, a Norwegian chamber larp festival, and then to the inaugural Stockholm Scenario Festival, a new freeform convention in Sweden, though unfortunately this means I will miss one of my favorite US conventions, Metatopia. I’m bringing The Curse,
my game about hereditary breast cancer, which has also found a place in the recently-ended and thought provoking Boob Jam, a collection of digital and analogue games about breasts, from the non-straight-male-gaze perspective.

Catch you all after my book deadline, when I’ll write about my adventures in Norway and Sweden!

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