I Caught a Fish THIS BIG: Realism, Tall Tales & American Larp

Does the historical inaccuracy of boffer larps reflect America’s truncated past? Plus, I finally find a way to use the words “simulacrum” and “hyperreality.”  Come for the theory, stay for the shameless jargon-usage!

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How To Assemble A Great Larp Costume

It’s all about the pockets. Why you should vacuum in costume and other tips from the fourth installment of the first timers’ guide to larp.

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When the Game Carries Over

That in-game emotions sometimes spill over into the out of game world is one of the hazards of LARPing.  Say someone kills your character in-game, knowing that in doing so, they’re causing your character to lose stats.  Would you bear them ill-will once the event is over? I always thought my answer would be no.  After all, it’s the risk of conflict, penalty and the unknown plot point that makes LARP exciting.  But a few months ago I learned otherwise. Continue Reading →