My Gen Con Pilgrimage

Gen Con is big. Really, really big. Bigger than any other convention I’ve been to. And although I walked around the convention center and at least four hotels over my Continue Reading →

Link Love: Larp Conventions

Shout out to some of the world’s larp conventions. This list would be way longer if I included all the general gaming conventions that offer larp as part of the Continue Reading →

Link Love: Larp Magazines

A thrilling compendium of larp magazines the world over. By which I mean live European magazines, and dead American ones.

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I Caught a Fish THIS BIG: Realism, Tall Tales & American Larp

Does the historical inaccuracy of boffer larps reflect America’s truncated past? Plus, I finally find a way to use the words “simulacrum” and “hyperreality.”  Come for the theory, stay for the shameless jargon-usage!

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