Yes, I Want to Date Your Avatar

The inestimable Felicia Day, star of such fan-boy bait as The Guild and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, recently put out a new music video “Do You Want to Date My Avatar?” And the answer to that question is, yes, Felicia Day, I do want to date your avatar.

And for those of you who aren’t down with the kids, here’s a quick index of some of the gamer-jargon present in the song:

MMO – Massive Multiplayer Online game. Also an MMORPG. Think World of Warcraft. It’s an online video game populated by lots — thousands, possibly millions — of other players.

Avatar – the graphic that represents each player in an MMO.

Tank – a character in a role playing game that is built to take damage from enemies and protect other members of the party.

Hack and Slash – game play that emphasizes fighting things, with no other main goal.

Uberleet – really, really good.

Thanks to the folks over at Knight Realms, who brought this to my attention.

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