Welcome to My New Larpy Home

A big hello to any old readers who have found me here, and to any new campers just joining us.

This blog about everything larp has moved from its old home at LizzieStark.com to this shiny new URL.

A special thanks to the awesome Nathan Paoletta, a fellow game designer and a technical whiz, who designed this finely crafted site and made the transition painless. If you need a web guy, I recommend him. A big thanks also goes to my wonderful Patreon supporters, whose monthly largesse made this new site possible.

Here you’ll find the same great content but with new web addresses. If you’ve linked to me in the past, throw away your dead-link worries–we think we’ve successfully redirected all the old stuff to its new home here. You might want to update your content and comments rss though!

Chances are good that we didn’t get everything perfect the first time around–if you’ve got requests for features or notice something off, feel free to leave a comment here or email me at lizzie.stark@gmail.com.

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