New in Larp: March 7, 2012

Hey team, it’s larp season! That means there are a whole lot of great games, conventions, and other stuff on offer:

Nordic larps happening in Nordica:

  • Mad About the Boy, a Norwegian game I helped run in the US last fall, will run again in Sweden this summer. I believe there are plans for two runs — an all-female run, as well as a mixed gender run. Sign-up starts March 15!
  • There are still tickets to the two forthcoming runs of the Monitor Celestra, a Battlestar Galactica larp that is taking place on A REAL BATTLESHIP in Sweden over the next two weekends. Early reports from the first run seem to say that the game is flawed but really awesome.
  • Just a Little Lovin’, a larp about the summer AIDS came to New York City will be re-run in Denmark this August.
  • Panopticorp, a game about being PR monkeys for an evil government, will be re-run in Denmark this summer. Unfortunately, the tickets are sold out, but watch like a hawk and maybe someone will drop out…

In other news:

3 thoughts on “New in Larp: March 7, 2012

  1. I also want to make some noise about my and co-organizer Carolina Dahlberg’s larp Brudpris (The price of the bride), that is about honor culture. The larp is very mush in swedish (the website too, but there is alwasy google translate =) ) and also full, but I hope that if it turns out good, we’ll do an international version.

  2. Don’t forget the Larpwriter Summer School in Vilnius in July!!