New in Larp: August 13

As always, the larpers, theorists, and journalists have been busy over the last few weeks, writing about the hot-button issues of race, religion, and gender in larp. Here’s what I’ve been checking out:

  • Safety! Johanna Koljonen delivers the dopest lecture I’ve seen in a long time. Her talk on larp safety, given at the Larpwriter Summer School in Lithuania, is about an hour but is well worth watching for anyone who wants to run a game. Fascinating, insightful stuff.

And there are a couple sweet, sweet events coming up:

  • I head to Gen Con this week. Coming? Come see me, pretty please!
  • Mad About the Boy sign-up for the US run is cooking. Three more days to catch the early-bird rate. Know women who should come to this game?
  • Two sweet conventions coming to a New York City near you:
    • August  24-26, the Indie video game design collective Babycastles is holding a summit. I’ll be there one day holding an ars amandi workshop.
    • September 15, Nerd NYC’s all-games all-the-time event RECESS is back!

4 thoughts on “New in Larp: August 13

  1. What a great list – how am I going to get any work done while consuming all this?

    FWIW, Rafael is a Polish-German living in the Netherlands…

  2. I agree with both Evan and Claus:
    How can I get any work done now, and yes, Lizzie should be a Playground editor!