Symptoms of Knutedepression

Solmukohta, the weirdly-named Finnish edition of the Knutepunkt convention ended more than a week ago, but the symptoms of Nordic withdrawal linger. Do you suffer from this dread disease?

Symptoms may include:

  • using the prefix “knute-” for everything, regardless of appropriateness
  • greater-than-normal addiction to social media
  • new Facebook/forum friends
  • excessive honesty
  • logorrhea that may include long emails, excessive blogging, wiki contributions, or marathon internet chats
  • for foreigners: the sensation that although body has returned from Nordica, the mind remains there still
  • existential malaise
  • lowered inhibitions
  • weight gain or loss
  • inflated sense of own coolness; insecurity about coolness of hair-do
  • sarcasm
  • cleverness
  • excessive use of academic terminology in relation to ordinary life. (“This steak dinner is Dionysian. And I mean that in the Nietzschean sense. I can feel myself immersing into it.”)
  • con-plague
  • plans to run larps or other roleplaying games, or to travel to attend said games
  • role-playing books
  • disinterest in mundania
  • moose bumps


  • antibiotics
  • sleep
  • dance party
  • two episodes of reality television weekly
  • larp
  • travel plans
  • chocolate


Did I miss some symptoms? Did I miss some cures? Let me know in the comments.

16 thoughts on “Symptoms of Knutedepression

    • Oh yes. It’s a bit like this is your life: the larp. But then, every human interaction seems like a larp after Solmukohta.

  1. Funny, I’m not experiencing any of these knute-symptoms. I’d theorize that this is just over-imaginative projection caused by repeated diagetic immersion. Although that does give me a good idea for a larp I’m writing…

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  3. Sudden, uncontrollable urges to organize larps that make people cry and your neighbors distrust you, but will thrill your friends.

  4. Superbly put and big up for linking the wiki so much, you’re a hero! <3

  5. Half of this “symptoms” I think I’m immune to… while the other half is just my usual way of being, isn’t it? Hmmm, Dionysian! No cure, only one thing to do: embrace that feeling and give yourself up to it.

  6. Wow, this all sounds remarkably familiar. Having never been to Knutepunkt, I can’t say I’ve suffered this particular affliction, but a lot of it very much applies to the post-con blues I’ve felt after other LARPing events.

  7. This is so true. I was almost out from FB and suddenly sitting infront of computer whole day just chatting with new/old friends and being over hyped about projects that I even have no money to attend to! xD Oh well… More chocolate!

  8. Sudden impulse of taking the hand or scratch the hair of the person next to you. Caution is needed, strangers might not like spontaneous cuddling.

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