Cornell Students Larp

Just came across this feature, “Live Action Role Playing Clubs at Cornell: A thoroughly interactive hobby” by Kevin Boyd, a piece about an ongoing college vampire game from Cornell’s Kitsch Magazine:

“In reality, though, it was a completely different experience. Unlike tabletop, where the primary mode of conversation is out of character, LARPing is almost entirely role-playing. As such, I was treated as though I was actually a random Brujah who showed up to cause a ruckus. It was a little bit startling at first, but I found myself falling into character pretty easily. And once I started to get into Jim Finch’s head, the absolute freedom of not having to be me—at least for a few hours—was great fun.”

Boyd’s writing is pretty good — he tackles the basics, like what larp is, what Storytellers do, etc, though he gets a bit wrapped up in the stigma around larping, and he slips up a bit with some terminology, mistaking boffer-groups for actual boffers.

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