Larp + Reality TV = World of LARP

Larp is starting to pop up everywhere here in the states. First there were the documentaries Darkon(2006) and Monster Camp(2007). Then I learned about the Knights of Badassdom(due out in 2012) (which stars some real fanboy and fangirl bait), and now, larp: the reality show.

Dudes and ladies, I give you the TV show World of LARP, which apparently follows a group of five larpers, documentary style:

Judging from the old casting call, this show, created by Supreme Robot, is a competition between groups to finish sets of mods. It’s not following a particular game larp, rather, the larp storyline appears to have been created for the purposes of the show. The casting call treats the hobby with respect, and emphasizes that they wanted to feature real-live larpers.

I’m intrigued by the premise, though I can’t quite imagine the final product, even with the visuals.

You can follow the show’s updates on Twitter.


4 thoughts on “Larp + Reality TV = World of LARP

  1. The World of LARP’s creators were at Wyrd Con II showing clips and talking about the show. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend that panel, but I briefly conversed with them (and I think we soon forgot it, as many other things were going on).

    The show takes place at the Seventh Kingdom larp in New Jersey:

    I am not sure about distribution of the series, however.

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