Leaving Mundania at Gen Con

Hey there, Gen Connites!

This year, I’m attending my first Gen Con, and am looking for suggestions on what awesome stuff I simply cannot miss.

Friday is my big day; I’m talking ’bout love in larp, D&D and its larp analogues as the American dream, and on Nordic larp with Industry Guest of Honor Jason Morningstar. Here’s the rundown:

  • Friday, August 17 1pm-2pm: We Hold These Rules To Be Self Evident: LARP As Metaphor For American Values
    A short talk based on my paper in this years’ Solmukohta book States of Play, and on some content from the blog. I’ll be looking at how elaborate rules systems re-create the American dream in game.
     Location: Westin, Chamber room. ID: SEM1233714
  • Friday, August 17 2pm-3pm: Larp Love, Not War: Nordic Methods for Amorous Roleplay.
    Why should larpers play love in game? Come find out and learn how the Nordic roleplayers do it. An explanation of Ars Amandi, tango dance, and a few other methods.
    Location: Westin, Chamber room. ID: SEM1233717
  • Friday, August 17 4pm-5pm: Art on the Edge: An Introduction to Nordic LARP with Industry Insider Guest of Honor Jason Morningstar!
    What is this weird Nordic larp thing and why is everyone always talking about it? Come learn about the intense, immersive, and awesome world of Nordic roleplay from Americans who went to there one time.
    Location: Crown Plaza, Victorian Station C/D. ID: SEM1236423

Finally, I’ll be hanging out ’round the Indie Press Revolution table in the vendor’s hall. Come by and nab yourself a signed copy of Leaving Mundania!

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