This Week in Larp: Web Series

Larp is blowing UP y’all. Two new webseries have arrived. Realm of LARP is a reality series released via the Nerdist YouTube channel, and will launch next week. In the meantime, they’ve got a teaser that explains what larp is:

This same week, Larry the LARPer, a cute show about a hapless hero who just wants to larp, also made its debut. (Hat tip to

In larp news locally (NJ-CT-PA), the sci-fi game Doomsday — run by several of the wonderful people who helped me produce a Cthulhu larp for my book — kicked off its campaign.

And in other roleplaying news, Jason Morningstar of Bully Pulpit Games, creator of Fiasco, my favorite RPG, has a Kickstarter up for his new game Durance, a game about a dystopian future penal colony.

Finally, y’all can catch me at Wyrd Con in Costa Mesa, CA this week at a variety of events. I’m giving a talk on US larp as metaphor for American national values, and running a couple jeepform games and an Ars Amandi workshop. Of course, there will be copies of Leaving Mundania available too.

One thought on “This Week in Larp: Web Series

  1. Hmm… just saw this, even though you posted it on my birthday, Lizzie. 😉

    The “Realm of Larp” thing looks fun. It looks like classic American style fantasy, but entertaining for sure. The “Larry the Larper” thing? Points for effort, and I’ll leave it at that. But maybe it’s just because I don’t really feel that we need more deranged nerds representing us. 😉