Leaving Mundania Bonanza

From my May 30 reading at WORD in Brooklyn.

Since I last wrote with an update on Leaving Mundania, the book has been cooking in the media. I’ve been podcasted, broadcasted, filmed, questioned, and written up in a variety of awesome outlets, both big and small. In case you missed one:

  • My radio-crush Brian Lehrer, who covers NYC for the local NPR station, interviewed me last Friday…and we took calls from listeners! The tape is available here.
  • According to the June Vanity Fair Fanfair feature, “Lizzie Stark valiantly throws herself into the sword-swinging world of live-action role-playing games in Leaving Mundania.”
  • I’m batting like 100% in geek parenting media. Nicole Wakelin interviewed me on Wired.com’s Geek Mom podcast, while Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks author Ethan Gilsdorf wrote up LM for Wired.com’s Geek Dad blog, noting “Stark not only did her homework, she got an A+…The book is full of insightful and expertly written commentary by someone who knows of which she speaks.”
  • Over at Tor.com, Shoshanna Kessock writes, “That Leaving Mundania is both well-written and well-researched is no question. The book is gaming scholarship at its best and most accessible, easy to read and heart-felt.”
  • Eugenia Williamson over at The Boston Phoenix ran a really nice interview.
  • The Good Men Project posted an excerpt from the book.
  • Kirkus Review has finally made their write-up public. “Rich, unexpected and compelling…Stark’s keen observational skills and crisp writing style successfully cut through those hackneyed stereotypes to reveal the very real people who are drawn to deeply imaginary worlds.”
  • Unshelved had some nice things to say, even recommending LM to a churchgoing friend with conservative views on roleplaying games.
  • On Examiner.com US larper Rob McDiarmid called the book “the most complete and accurate description of the hobby and its community to date.”
  • Fringe ran a tongue-in-cheek interview. So did Footsoldiers of the Apocalypse.
  • French larper Thomas B. says “Lizzie Stark blew my mind” and claims LM deserves a spot in “the Holy Trinity of Larp Books.”
  • American larper and Doomsday organizer Jeramy Merritt, who appears in LM, spills the beans on how to access the secret personal attacks chapter.
  • Modern Myths posted video highlights from my May 12 reading at their Northampton, MA store. There are four clips in all, and the latter ones dig into some fascinating audience discussion.
  • NYCers can catch me in Brooklyn at WORD tomorrow at 7pm, reading with James Higdon (Cornbread Mafia) and Andrew Blackwell (Visit Sunny Chernobyl!) reading from their books on pot and pollution, respectively.

Some folks have been asking for the ebook version of LM. It’s available from IPG.com, Barnes & Noble, and Google.

4 thoughts on “Leaving Mundania Bonanza

  1. That’s fantastic. I bought the book and it is on my bedside table (along with way too many other books) but I’ll get to it soon! And I loved your BBC interview.

  2. AWESOME! Enjoy the ride!
    And out of curiosity…are you thinking of or working on another book?

    FYI, I started reading LM tonight so I won’t have to avoid you at WyrdCon. I also saw Tobias Wrigstad’s video about “Doubt”, and now I’m scared to play it, but I trust you’ll take care of us.

  3. It’s not just on Doubt, it’s on a lot of things. But Tobias talks about Doubt. It’s over an hour long: