Excuse the Silence: My Body is Broken

In my book, I wrote of last year’s trip to Denmark that it blew my mind. Well, this year’s trip, a two-week tour-de-force to the Fastaval and Solmukohta roleplaying conventions in Denmark and Finland broke my body.

A vicious attack by a flat patch of street left me hobbled with a sprained ankle that compromised my ability to lug my leaden suitcase (full of books) around. I also became the vector for  a virulent pandemic marked by colorful mucus, excessive coughing, and Barry-White style vocalizations. And finally, I engaged in competitive sleep-deprivation, winning the final party of Solmukohta for America, mainly by saying “I am going to win this party for America” enough times while coughing con-plague on to folks at 7am.

Watch this space in the coming days for some serious, hard-core blogging about the trip, which was full of bad-ass games, awesome people, and fascinating conversations about everything from socialism to beards.

Oh, and my book is out in stores, at long last. Do consider supporting your local writer and buying a copy!

* My waning manicure: evidence that I grew in Finland and Denmark, literally and metaphorically. Complete with hipster Fastaval steeze.

4 thoughts on “Excuse the Silence: My Body is Broken

  1. My admiration for winning the party, Lizzie! I was already on an airplane and taking off (thus, finally able to sleep a little) by the time you accomplished the fabulous deed.

  2. Ouch! Didn’t know about the fall. I fell my first day in Copenhagen (not looking at the ground, missed the curb), but fortunately emerged unscathed; sorry you didn’t. And I, too, got the Fastaval flu. I’m almost over it, are you? My recap is coming too. Great meeting you, can’t wait to show you some American partying SoCal style at Wyrd Con in June!

    • So fun to meet you too — I can’t wait to see you again at Wyrd Con! And yeah, my ankle is still a little iffy — bruising is down, but it’s totally puffy. The Fastaval flu is still dogging my energy levels, but I’m slowly getting better. Looking forward to your recap, please do post a link on my Fastavaling post when you do — I’d love to collect some links!

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