Leaving Mundania in Playground Magazine

Do you like roleplaying? Do you like reading? Well, whip out your glasses and run over to Playground Magazine. This gorgeous quarterly magazine sings a loving paean to the “new wave” in roleplay in all its diverse forms. Published out of Norway (by a pan-European editing staff), and written for an international audience, Playground tackles gaming and related phenomena with fresh angles and accessible prose.

It’s possible to  purchase .pdf copies of past issues. Highly recommended.

In other news, I’m delighted that the folks over at Playground ran a short piece on Leaving Mundania in their current paper issue. Now the a corresponding piece on my forthcoming book is up on their blog. Check it!

3 thoughts on “Leaving Mundania in Playground Magazine

  1. Currently it’s not possible to subscribe! More news on this will follow on the site.

    Love your news flow of larp related news by the way. Awesome stuff.

    Playground has a pan-euorpean editing staff and and is printed in Norway.

    /Petter web editor

  2. Subscriptions are expensive, mine was about $60 (currency exchange difference, perhaps?), but it’s well worth it. I haven’t even read one article in issues 2/3 that arrived a few weeks ago, but I flipped through them and my brain burped. I’m sure it’ll explode when I have the time to fall in.

    I think an interview with me will be in the next issue.

  3. Petter, thanks for the deets — I’ve updated the post accordingly. I wondered about that broken subscribe page. And glad you like the feed.

    Aaron — I haven’t seen the latest issue, but my Issue 1 was worth a read. And I do love the blog site. And all the drawings.