LARP in Colorado

It’s no secret that people all over the country like to dress up in medieval gear and spend a weekend whacking things in the woods. But here’s the proof. An esteemed colleague and former collaborator over at the Boulder Daily Camera sent me this excellent, respectful introduction to LARPing by Aimee Heckel.

Behold the majesty of her LARP video, and then hit up the Camera website to read the piece.

3 thoughts on “LARP in Colorado

  1. I really like the video where you describe how larp is play in Colorado. I’m curious about one thing thought: the weapon is used seem to be all boffer (mean done with duck tape by hand). Did you ever try latex or foam weapon and what you think of it ?

    • HI, I have tried latex weapons, and they do look very nice (although they can sting if someone hits you too hard). Also, I wanted to make clear that I didn’t shoot the video or report the article, some excellent reporter over at the Boulder Daily Camera did!

  2. If you want to look into latex-style weapons, check out Calimacil, they’re based in Quebec Canada and make the best latex foam weapons I know of. Personally I prefer boffer-style weapons– cheaper, more creative license, and they’re softer when made right.