Introducing the Massive LARP Calendar

There’s no single source of good LARP events on the web, in my experience.  Sure, Shade’s LARP List has a lot of links, but many of them are dead or lead to groups that are no longer active.

So I decided to start my own calendar of LARP events and conventions across the US, and to make it searchable via Google. But this behemoth is only as good as my information.

Got a hot event tip that needs to make the calendar?  Email with the time, date, cost and location of the event and I’ll slap it on the calendar.

5 thoughts on “Introducing the Massive LARP Calendar

  1. Good morning Lizzie,

    I looked around your site to try and find your Massive LARP Calendar but I was unable to find anything. Was I looking in the wrong spot?

    Then it came to me that perhaps you were going to use Google Calendar since you are using a gmail account to administrate your project.

    I wonder if it has occurred to you that most of your work has already been done for you? Simply create a google calendar account and then do a search for other calendars to import.

    I did a simple search for LARP and received quite a few pages. Import them all to one central calendar and every time they update their calendar yours is automatically updated.

    Perhaps you have thought about this already – brilliant.

    Best wishes in your future LARP endeavors.

    Kevin Tjia

    • Hi Kevin,

      Sorry — I’m working on adding the calendar to my links on this site, but there’s a weird back end issue that’s preventing me that I won’t bore you with here.

      And yes, I chose Google Calendar for ease of import. I’ve kept access to the calendar to a handful of folks organizing LARPs so that I can keep the quality of information high.

      And until I get the link up on my links widget, here’s where you can find the calendar –

      Thanks for reading,


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  3. is there somewhere where my staff can upload the calendar for 2010. we have 200 to 300 events per year and i would lvoe to get it up here.

    • Hey Joseph,

      I’m happy to add you as an admin to the calendar (just ping me at larpcalendar(at), however, I think I’m abandoning this project, as it’s a huge effort to weed through events and keep them current — I simply don’t have the time. To date, I don’t think it’s helped anyone find a LARP, or if it has, I haven’t heard about it. So again, happy to add you, but I think the calendar may be at the end of its life.